19 months

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Hello everyone! Sorry we’ve been gone so long! We’ve been having a busy summer here. Long walks, beaches, playgrounds, parks, bike rides and one trip up north. We are getting ready for our big road trip to Montana on Wednesday. “Here we go go go go on an adventure!”(A cat and the hat reference. You know when you get a song stuck in your head all day long. yeah, well that only happens to me now with cartoon jingles.) We are going to try and camp on the way there too. Yep, Jacks going to “rough it” for the first time. Should be fun. Anyway, Jack is growing growing growing, building his vocabulary daily (including “oh shit”!), loving buckles and money (coins) and lawnmowers. Yah, he’s normal. He’s not the best or cleanest eater and he throws tantrums here and there but when he’s that darn cute I forget all too quick. Here’s to 19 months (belated) Jack!



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The light came in beautifully yesterday morning in our hotel in Thorp, WI. As I was changing Jack he kept running away from me and began acting silly right in this spot in the light against the white wall. I dove for the camera, of course. I can see how Eli and I are rubbing off on Jack. He is as silly as we are and he loves to laugh. As funny as he is, he is also quite mischievous and therefore we must always keep a close eye on our little sneakster. Happy 16 months you silly little monkey.


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Hello. I love taking portraits of Jack, and I often post them. But I am challenging myself to post portraits weekly for a year. The blog will be one year old on Monday and I thought it would be a great time to start it. There are many blogs that do this, and I thought I’d join in on the challenge. I have another new series of photos I am starting tomorrow too so stay tuned….xoxo.


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Today is bitterly cold. It is currently -11 degrees here in Milwaukee with expected wind chills to reach a low of -45. I do not remember experiencing such cold temperatures. We will stay in today. Our hearts are also feeling heavy this week. Jack’s cousin Makayla is currently in a coma in the childrens hospital in Salt Lake City. You can read the story here. We are thinking about you, Makayla and praying for your recovery. We only just met, but family is family. Jack, Eli and I wrap a large hug around you and your family.

On a sweeter note, I adore these portraits of Jack. I hope you do too. Children are so precious. Hold your loved ones closer today. Hugs and kisses to all. xoxo

11 months

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Jack is 11 months old today. Wow. How did we get here already. I am in awe of how fast he (and babies in general) has developed in 11 months. Every week he seems to be working on a new skill. First and foremost, i am proud to say that Jack is officially walking! He is walking across multiple rooms now before the splat! on the butt. Last week he enjoyed somersaulting tables and ottomans and this week, climbing in and out of toy boxes and laundry baskets. He is working on his consonants and can say mama, dada, nighnigh, baba(byebye)and rara(grandma). Jack is everywhere and trying to break into all cabinets, drawers, doors, nooks and hiding under tables and chairs. He looooves playing hide and seek and peek a boo. His favorite food are those rice cheerio puffs. He likes to wave his hands bye bye, night night and when he hears any music. He loves taking baths and hates getting dressed. I could go on and on but we are busy today. We are getting ready for our first big family trip to Helena, Montana!  Jack has yet to meet all of his cousins! We are really excited and we will take lots of photos! Have a happy thanksgiving everyone. Sweet Baby Jack is very thankful for everyone who reads, enjoys and comments on the blog. And we here are just so thankful this little turkey came into our lives. Gobble gobble. xoxo

Dazed and beautiful

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8a.m. early, quiet, cold. We sit by the window to get a little sun and watch the school buses and kids at play. Jack is in a daze. The light is so perfect on his face. We decide to just sit here awhile and have a little breakfast too. The rest of the day is rainy and jack is teething and becomes irritable, which makes this morning that much more special and the highlight of my day. xoxo.