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18 months

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Wow. 1.5 years old. It was a cool and overcast day, but that wasn’t going to stop us from celebrating. We headed down to Grant park beach to run around and play. Jack is saying new words everyday. He starting to form words together. He is running and marching and stomping and dancing. All the time. He is a little stinker sometimes too. A little sneaky. I can’t keep up with him. He is so quick and smart and cute and oh so loveable. Well, most of the time. Dada and Jack are making lots of noise downstairs. I better go keep an eye on those two. Happy half birthday Jack. xoxo.

Wisconsin State Fair

aug5 036

We went to the state fair on Monday. We met a few friends. Don’t f#*@$ with stroller people.

aug5 011

Dad bee-lined to a hot dog stand.

aug5 021

I was really excited when I saw this barn with flavored milk. Dad got strawberry, mom got banana. Mine tasted like it always did, I think they tricked me.

aug5 033

I zone out sometimes, even at a place like the state fair.

aug5 014

The giant slide. I guess i’m not old enough yet but it looks real fun.

aug5 058

The gang: Joe, Vince, Eli, Hana and Tam. And dad’s elbow. (Nice mom, you couldn’t crop that out?)

aug5 044

A barn full of cattle. It was stinky. It was a good place to fart and get away with it. Here’s a nice photo of me and a cow’s ass.

aug5 059

Whoa! A huge corn dog!

aug5 061

Really dad, I can have a bite?

aug5 054

Chocolate covered bacon. Mom HAD to have it.

aug5 064

The pretty ladies of the fair paraded on by…no candy:(

aug5 072

I can be a little CORNy sometimes. Haha. Get it? What a fun day we had!

Bookworm gardens

jul8 306

A few weeks ago we went to Bookworm gardens. A beautiful sculpture garden based on favorite childrens books. It was a really hot day, so we didnt stay too long but long enough to walk through and snap a few photos. This was the “Playhouse for Monster”.

jul8 309

Peek a boo!

jul8 301

Ooh…what’s in there?

jul8 300

Wow…dinosaurs are so cool.

jul8 325

Ring a ding ding…

jul8 355

There’s a burger hanging from the tree!

jul8 331

Little house on the prairie.

jul8 337

it’s true.

jul8 345

Pretty plant wall.

jul8 328

Welcome to the Japanese Teahouse. This was such a wonderful place, I can’t wait to come back! Ba bye!

when it was summer for a minute…

jun5 001

We made a fort.

jun5 004

I played with this chicken in the fort.

jun5 013

I couldn’t get the little star to squeak for me.

jun5 010

It was real fun though. And daddy was gardening too so I learned how to do that too.

may31 008

Then one day we went to my “cousin” Hana’s school picnic. Here she comes with her friends.

may31 009

As you can see, I was very popular with the all the girls.

may31 012

They really liked my feet.

may31 017

I grabbed the camera, and took my first “selfie” ( that’s slang for self portrait).
It’s suppose to be nice today, time to go outside again! Ba bye!
Love, Jack