20 months

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By the time you read this, Jack is now 20 and 1/2 months. This series of photos shows the many sides and personalities of Jack and some of the things we’ve been up to! Lets explore each photograph, shall we?

1. Jack is obsessed with drinking out of mama and dada’s glasses and cups. For the most part, he’s really good at it but if you turn your head away for a second there is a lovely little puddle on the floor next to him, and Jack then holding out the glass saying “more, more, more!”

2. Jack had his first visit to the zoo this month. He loved it! He really loved all the manholes, gates, rocks, and benches! The animals, even the giraffes and elephants did not seem to blow him away. What can you do!

3. Jack is crabby for 10 minutes after he wakes up from a nap sometimes. And he is still cute. That’s all.

4. I put his toy chest behind this loveseat for a couple weeks. We really had a lot of fun climbing over it and pretend falling onto the floor. We did this for hours. Try it!

5. One of my faves this month. When I want jack to look up, I say “look Jack, there’s a bird on my head!” It works every time.

6. Jack now can crawl back up these windy slides and flys down them. He’s mastering the playground and making some friends there too!

7. Grandma B gave Jack this hat. He will not wear it longer than a few seconds but soooo cute!

8. “That!” “This!” “Go that way!” “No, this way!” Yep, he’s pretty bossy. Pointing and telling me which way to go. Even from his car seat, trying to give directions! Amazing!

9. Jack loves his daddy but he might love watching his daddy mow the lawn even more. (Heart melting)

10. One day Jack took Cookie Monster everywhere with him. He liked sitting on this chair and hugging him. Just this one day. Funny kid.

11. Jacks favorite way to watch a cartoon? On my iPhone. Yo gabba gabba and Dora the explorer are new faves.

12. If I haven’t mentioned it before, Jack loves money! In a hotel room on our road trip he hides money around the room, like a squirrel hiding nuts!

13. At the wedding. Running free, loving life.

14. Jack has not been in a pool yet. It didn’t happen this day either. He splashed in some puddles though!

15. I just like this photo because it reminds me of the times of calm and contentment during our road trip.

16. At a campground in Wyoming at sunrise. Jack still so curious and exploring every corner, nook and cranny.

It was a great summer. Short. But overall pretty great. It’s so nice to be able to do more with jack. I hope to post more pics from the summer soon. I am having major problems with my laptop and am going to take it in to get looked at. Hang in there. We’ll be back! Xoxo.


18 months

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Wow. 1.5 years old. It was a cool and overcast day, but that wasn’t going to stop us from celebrating. We headed down to Grant park beach to run around and play. Jack is saying new words everyday. He starting to form words together. He is running and marching and stomping and dancing. All the time. He is a little stinker sometimes too. A little sneaky. I can’t keep up with him. He is so quick and smart and cute and oh so loveable. Well, most of the time. Dada and Jack are making lots of noise downstairs. I better go keep an eye on those two. Happy half birthday Jack. xoxo.


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A few days ago we FINALLY were able to get the stroller out and take a little walk to the park. This was Jack’s first walk outside! After months and months of being cooped up indoors, it was such a release-freeing and wonderful and so so precious. Happy Spring everyone! xoxo


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Aunt Kelly came to visit this week and before she gets on a plane to go back to Phoenix we decided to have a little Sunday funday! We went to the Palomino for brunch, Anodyne for coffee and went for a little drive to see Lake Michigan frozen over. We had a wonderful day! We miss you already Kelly! Jack seems to be looking around the house for you. Peek a boo! Come back soon! xoxo


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What a wonderful place! It was very difficult taking pics of Jack, he was everywhere! He loved this place. There was a toddler area where he walked up and down that little ramped bridge with his apples over and over again. There was a mini Sendiks market that was really packed with kids grocery shopping and playing checkout. You can see Jack grabbed a bottled water above. They had a mini auto garage, bank, public bus (they were playing “the wheels on the bus” song, Jacks favorite) and a few other mini businesses. There was a hands on learning area as well with many play areas. We are definitely making this a regular outing. Fun fun!


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Hello everyone! I recently got a new camera, and have been testing it out over the weekend. Here is some shots taken at home and in Greendale, where Jack, grandma B and I went yesterday. If you are wondering who the man with the pipe is, its Norman Rockwell. He’s a pretty swell guy. He’s working on a painting of the town. We went to some cute shops and stopped for a burger and malt at Ferch’s malt shoppe. Today it’s rainy. Maybe we will take some more photos. Stay tuned…..