Memorial Day Weekend

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All you need is love

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Happy valentines day! We have been sick over here, taking turns since the new year started. Add this to freezing temperatures alternating with snowfall and you have a few people with cabin fever. What a severe winter it’s been, for the whole country! But today we wake up and find ourselves feeling just fine. For the most part. Finally. We are going to have a big breakfast together and then Grandma B is coming over to hang out with Jack so mama and dada can go out on a little lunch date. Love, love, love today everyone. Remember that it’s the little things, the thought that counts, to kiss and to hug, to say thank you and i love you. Not just today, try everyday. Happy Valentines day everyone. xoxo

Remember last years post:too much.

Happy New Year

dec28 001 dec28 002 dec28 003 dec28 004 dec28 009 dec28 007 dec28 005Happy New Years! 2014!!!!
It’s snowing today and jack and I are staying in our pajamas. Starting the year off with some rest and relaxation after the hectic holiday hustle and bustle. We had a lovely holiday season and although hoping for a short winter, we do want to enjoy the peace and quiet the cold, snowy Wisconsin winter brings. A good time to work on some hobbies and home projects. Today, I am working on my New Years resolution list. Little goals. Big ones can be too unrealistic. Have a great day everyone. Make a bloody mary, eat some comfort foods, watch a movie, snuggle with a loved one. Welcome 2014! 2013 brought many challenges and we are excited for the new year:) xoxo


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Happy Birthday bumbao, bummy, turkey, peanut, hun-bun, little man, knucklehead, sweetheart! Happy Birthday Jack! You are so funny and outgoing and your smile brightens my day. We love you to the moon and back.

Teeth: 7, 4on top, 3 on bottom

Favorite toys: belts, laptop cords, i phone, broom and dustpan, tinker toys, ottomans, chairs, the bigger the object, the better!

favorite games: peek a boo, hide and seek, raspberries on tummy, superman flying, where’s jack?, building blocks, dipping things, climbing into boxes

favorite foods: cheerios, bananas, eggs, potatoes, chicken and vegetable mash, pancakes, he’ll eat anything really!

favorite music: he likes everything from mary j blige and sheryl crow to run dmc to slayer and ghost.

words: mama, dada, nighnigh, hi , lots of babble

loves: bathtime, lights (throwing his arms toward any lamp or light fixture), looking out the window, dancing, sneaking into other rooms (loves the bathroom! wants to put everything in the toilet!)

Birthday party this sunday. Lots of pics to come. Also, the blog will be getting a little facelift soon. Exciting! Its a new year! And my four goals update coming this week too. Will I/have I completed them? stay tuned….

Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas all! These were taken at a mall in Helena, Montana during our recent vacation. Jack met Santa and his two amazing carnies. Santa was pretty nice though, smelled like whiskey and as you can see, he is very enthusiastic about his job. Tee hee…. Hope everyone’s holiday was wonderful. We had a great family party here last night and went to grandma B’s today. Wow. It was one year ago today, I went into labor. Our little Jack turns one tomorrow. We’re so lucky. And we’re so busy! Jack is having a party this weekend. Lots of pics to come….xoxo.

p.s. Jack (happy early 1st birthday sweetheart)

Thanksgiving morning, Montana.

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Hello everyone! We are back from Montana! We had a wonderful time with the Murphy clan and I DID take a lot of pictures! Unfortunately I am having a few problems with my laptop and its taking a little while uploading photos and what not. I should have a post up this weekend. For now, here is a little mini post. Jack had lovely bed head and looked so cute in his gobble gobble gobble shirt. I have another mini blog post for tomorrow too. Stay with us! Hope you all are enjoying the holiday season thus far. xoxo.

Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween Everyone!

Here are some pics from throughout the week. Its really difficult to dress Jack, he fusses the whole time. He hated the pumpkin costume so I couldn’t get a good photo. He liked the superman costume, we answered the door for trick or treaters in that one. The tiger tracksuit was a gift from his Aunts in Portland, thought it was cute with the pumpkin hat. There is still two more costumes I have yet to get Jack in. Stay tuned….hope you all had a super fun halloween:)

Little pumpkin: Jack’s baby shower 2012

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Awww… so fun to look back. So crazy my little man was in my tummy a year ago. Our theme was “little pumpkin” and I unfortunately did not take many photos nor with a good camera. We had turkey sandwiches, squash soup, cranberry cocktails, pumpkin cupcakes, and lots more fall themed yummys grandma b made. I made all of the decorations and a walk in photo booth with hats and props where everyone could take some goofy pics. I remember it was a beautiful day, the packers were playing, and if any men came-they stayed outside with the beer coolers. Everyone left with a little mini pumpkin of their own as a favor. It was a great day, and the last party I would have before my sweet little pumpkin was born. xoxo.