the golden hour

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Aunt Kelly came to visit this week and before she gets on a plane to go back to Phoenix we decided to have a little Sunday funday! We went to the Palomino for brunch, Anodyne for coffee and went for a little drive to see Lake Michigan frozen over. We had a wonderful day! We miss you already Kelly! Jack seems to be looking around the house for you. Peek a boo! Come back soon! xoxo


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What a wonderful place! It was very difficult taking pics of Jack, he was everywhere! He loved this place. There was a toddler area where he walked up and down that little ramped bridge with his apples over and over again. There was a mini Sendiks market that was really packed with kids grocery shopping and playing checkout. You can see Jack grabbed a bottled water above. They had a mini auto garage, bank, public bus (they were playing “the wheels on the bus” song, Jacks favorite) and a few other mini businesses. There was a hands on learning area as well with many play areas. We are definitely making this a regular outing. Fun fun!


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Jack is now one years old!We had a little party for him on Sunday. Family, friends, tacos and cake! Jack had a little ice cream too for the first time. There was a big packer game on that afternoon so the party ended right on time. After everyone left I noticed someone wrote a poem with nearly all the foodie poetry magnets. Unbelievable! Was that you Hana? Way to go! I love it. It was a nice party and to you sweet Jack, happy happy 1st birthday! xoxo

Happy New Year

dec28 001 dec28 002 dec28 003 dec28 004 dec28 009 dec28 007 dec28 005Happy New Years! 2014!!!!
It’s snowing today and jack and I are staying in our pajamas. Starting the year off with some rest and relaxation after the hectic holiday hustle and bustle. We had a lovely holiday season and although hoping for a short winter, we do want to enjoy the peace and quiet the cold, snowy Wisconsin winter brings. A good time to work on some hobbies and home projects. Today, I am working on my New Years resolution list. Little goals. Big ones can be too unrealistic. Have a great day everyone. Make a bloody mary, eat some comfort foods, watch a movie, snuggle with a loved one. Welcome 2014! 2013 brought many challenges and we are excited for the new year:) xoxo


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Happy Birthday bumbao, bummy, turkey, peanut, hun-bun, little man, knucklehead, sweetheart! Happy Birthday Jack! You are so funny and outgoing and your smile brightens my day. We love you to the moon and back.

Teeth: 7, 4on top, 3 on bottom

Favorite toys: belts, laptop cords, i phone, broom and dustpan, tinker toys, ottomans, chairs, the bigger the object, the better!

favorite games: peek a boo, hide and seek, raspberries on tummy, superman flying, where’s jack?, building blocks, dipping things, climbing into boxes

favorite foods: cheerios, bananas, eggs, potatoes, chicken and vegetable mash, pancakes, he’ll eat anything really!

favorite music: he likes everything from mary j blige and sheryl crow to run dmc to slayer and ghost.

words: mama, dada, nighnigh, hi , lots of babble

loves: bathtime, lights (throwing his arms toward any lamp or light fixture), looking out the window, dancing, sneaking into other rooms (loves the bathroom! wants to put everything in the toilet!)

Birthday party this sunday. Lots of pics to come. Also, the blog will be getting a little facelift soon. Exciting! Its a new year! And my four goals update coming this week too. Will I/have I completed them? stay tuned….

Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas all! These were taken at a mall in Helena, Montana during our recent vacation. Jack met Santa and his two amazing carnies. Santa was pretty nice though, smelled like whiskey and as you can see, he is very enthusiastic about his job. Tee hee…. Hope everyone’s holiday was wonderful. We had a great family party here last night and went to grandma B’s today. Wow. It was one year ago today, I went into labor. Our little Jack turns one tomorrow. We’re so lucky. And we’re so busy! Jack is having a party this weekend. Lots of pics to come….xoxo.

p.s. Jack (happy early 1st birthday sweetheart)


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Hello everyone! I recently got a new camera, and have been testing it out over the weekend. Here is some shots taken at home and in Greendale, where Jack, grandma B and I went yesterday. If you are wondering who the man with the pipe is, its Norman Rockwell. He’s a pretty swell guy. He’s working on a painting of the town. We went to some cute shops and stopped for a burger and malt at Ferch’s malt shoppe. Today it’s rainy. Maybe we will take some more photos. Stay tuned…..