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Hello everyone! We recently got back from our big road trip to Montana for Jack’s Aunt Camille’s wedding. We had so much fun and saw so many roadside attractions and little old western towns on the way. The Sturgis motorcycle rally was happening the same time we were driving through so we shared the road with many motorcycles. We went out of our way just a tad to see Devils tower in Wyoming (of Close Encounters of the Third Kind fame, remember the mashed potatoes?), Deadwood, SD (it was pouring, didn’t get any good photos, boo-hoo), and Virginia City, MT (a well-preserved old western town, touristy but still very cool). We found an incredible and free storybook children’s park in Rapid City, SD. We camped at a KOA in Sheridan, WY and stayed at a motel in Mitchell, SD. We wanted to drive through the Badlands but Jack got a heat rash as we left Montana and we needed to head home. Helena and the wedding were wonderful and Jack enjoyed getting to know his cousins.  I took over 2000 photos during our 10 day trip and so I decided to make a book of Jack’s first road trip. There’s just too many to post here! So what you see here is just a sampling of some of the highlights of the trip. I will be posting a 20 month Jack update this week too so come back to the blog later this week. Thanks! Enjoy your labor day weekend everyone!



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