19 months

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Hello everyone! Sorry we’ve been gone so long! We’ve been having a busy summer here. Long walks, beaches, playgrounds, parks, bike rides and one trip up north. We are getting ready for our big road trip to Montana on Wednesday. “Here we go go go go on an adventure!”(A cat and the hat reference. You know when you get a song stuck in your head all day long. yeah, well that only happens to me now with cartoon jingles.) We are going to try and camp on the way there too. Yep, Jacks going to “rough it” for the first time. Should be fun. Anyway, Jack is growing growing growing, building his vocabulary daily (including “oh shit”!), loving buckles and money (coins) and lawnmowers. Yah, he’s normal. He’s not the best or cleanest eater and he throws tantrums here and there but when he’s that darn cute I forget all too quick. Here’s to 19 months (belated) Jack!


2 thoughts on “19 months

  1. Wow-wow-wow!!!! I’m in love all over again. “Oh-shit.” So amazing, eh Coolio. I am in love with my boy too; they are so cool. Beautiful boy(s). ❤ to you all.

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