mar25 062

up, down, up, down. Jack loves stairs!

mar25 036

Look at all those teeth! Jack now has 12 teeth.

mar18 017

Jack found his belly button and loves to rub his tummy when he watches cartoons.

mar18 164


mar18 149

Jack likes his little giraffe tricycle. Especially standing on one foot on the seat. Join the circus already!

mar25 266

Jack loves diving into blankets on the bed. And rolling over bodies! Over and over again.

mar25 260


mar25 239

Jack loves PBS cartoons and really loves the sesame street song.

mar25 204

“mom…..” He likes to say mom and dada and oh no and uh-oh and down, rarar (cracker), ba-bye, baby, wawa, nighnigh and lots of grunting and pointing.

mar25 179

we stand and watch the schoolbuses on the couch. “THE SCHOOLBUSES ARE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!” I say with great enthusiasm.

mar25 176


mar25 166


mar25 152


mar25 132

Jack is a natural born dancer. Happy 15 months Jack! xoxo

3 thoughts on “15 MONTHS

  1. Happy 15 months Jack!!!!!! What a big boy your getting to be and so so smart! He’s learning new things every day,and so quickly.And yes! He loves to climb up and down on couches ,and chairs ,(and also flip his toy box over and climb on that too!),for hours.Such a fun little guy to be around .love you lots!!!!!!

  2. You are such a big,handsome boy, Jack! Always so happy! Love you and wish I could see you more.

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