14 months

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14 months. Now it’s really starting to fly by. How is he 14 months already!!?? He is napping now, allowing me to squeeze this post in. I took most of these pictures this morning. He turned into a little turkey after his morning nap. He has been screaming a lot. He screams for everything he wants. I hope its just a phase or that he learns more words soon because boy oh boy it hurts my head. He has been teething this week too so that could be part of the problem. Other than that, he is the cutest little nugget ever. This month he is really loving books. Dont let the Pigeon drive the Bus, Now I am Big, and Sparkly Day, are a few of his favorites and I’ve read them at least 100 times each already. He sits for 5 or 10 minutes now on the sofa to watch cartoons and really loves playing chase-me-around-the-house-and-play-hide-and-seek. He’s managed to throw a few things into the toilet, he started brushing his teeth, he plays kitchen with little pots and spoons and he loves watching the school buses come and go across the street. Happy 14 months sweetheart! I love you. xoxo


3 thoughts on “14 months

  1. You are the cutest little pumpkin, Jack. Your Dad used to scream when he was your age, sometimes he would hold his breath until he passed out. Pretty soon it will be spring and you can work all of your energy off outside.

  2. Just so adorable! I just love when you capture these simple everyday moments Erika. I had so much fun the past two days with Jack, It is so amazing what he has learned in just over a year, He is so curious about things, and how they work.He managed to turn the television set on,with the remote.send a blank text message to his great aunt suzie, by himself(for real!) flip his bicycle over and turn the wheels to watch them spin, and then carry it across the room, and just plop it wherever. Push a heavy dining room chair across a room, with one hand. So hilarious,and quite entertaining.He can be so ruffy tuffy one minute and so sweet an gentle the next.I am so in awe of this little guy.His beautiful smile just warms my heart.Love you, love you, love you, my little peanut! Happy 14 months ,sweetheart!

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