All you need is love

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Happy valentines day! We have been sick over here, taking turns since the new year started. Add this to freezing temperatures alternating with snowfall and you have a few people with cabin fever. What a severe winter it’s been, for the whole country! But today we wake up and find ourselves feeling just fine. For the most part. Finally. We are going to have a big breakfast together and then Grandma B is coming over to hang out with Jack so mama and dada can go out on a little lunch date. Love, love, love today everyone. Remember that it’s the little things, the thought that counts, to kiss and to hug, to say thank you and i love you. Not just today, try everyday. Happy Valentines day everyone. xoxo

Remember last years post:too much.

2 thoughts on “All you need is love

  1. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!! Glad you’re all feeling better. I agree, this has been the longest winter ever!!!Hopefully that spring air, is just around the corner.Love this blog, so ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!and heartwarming I.can’t wait to see my little “Love Bug” today!

  2. Happy V day to you guys! Glad you are feeling better. Things are also looking up over here in Montana with our Makayla back home! Think Spring, Jack!

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