Happy Anniversary Sweet baby Jack turned This is the home that Jack built! The blog celebrates one year and 130 posts of documenting Jack’s journey through photos and future memories. Thanks to all of you who read and comment on the blog. You keep me going! But most of all, cheers to my muse, my love, my sweet baby Jack. Here’s a look back on the last year. Cheers. xoxo. 

  feb2013 347 feb2013 342 jack feb2013 056mar12 006 mar13 086 mar23 003 mar27 037 mar31 026 apr4 039a apr17 086 apr20 076 apr25 029 apr23 038 apr16 032 may6 079 may12 040 may19 028 may19 037 may29 090 jun18 026 jun28 187 20130907-105247.jpg sept22 091 oct14 047 oct17 021 oct19 153 oct27 006 nov3 295 nov21 005 nov25 012 dec28 001 dec28 185 jan5 005jan17 273

If you want to read the first post, here’s the link: First post.


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