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Today is bitterly cold. It is currently -11 degrees here in Milwaukee with expected wind chills to reach a low of -45. I do not remember experiencing such cold temperatures. We will stay in today. Our hearts are also feeling heavy this week. Jack’s cousin Makayla is currently in a coma in the childrens hospital in Salt Lake City. You can read the story here. We are thinking about you, Makayla and praying for your recovery. We only just met, but family is family. Jack, Eli and I wrap a large hug around you and your family.

On a sweeter note, I adore these portraits of Jack. I hope you do too. Children are so precious. Hold your loved ones closer today. Hugs and kisses to all. xoxo



  1. Such beautiful pictures Erika! I love how curious he is about things. Such a smart little guy!So sorry to hear about Jacks cousin. My prayers go out to Makayla and her family.

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