Happy New Year

dec28 001 dec28 002 dec28 003 dec28 004 dec28 009 dec28 007 dec28 005Happy New Years! 2014!!!!
It’s snowing today and jack and I are staying in our pajamas. Starting the year off with some rest and relaxation after the hectic holiday hustle and bustle. We had a lovely holiday season and although hoping for a short winter, we do want to enjoy the peace and quiet the cold, snowy Wisconsin winter brings. A good time to work on some hobbies and home projects. Today, I am working on my New Years resolution list. Little goals. Big ones can be too unrealistic. Have a great day everyone. Make a bloody mary, eat some comfort foods, watch a movie, snuggle with a loved one. Welcome 2014! 2013 brought many challenges and we are excited for the new year:) xoxo

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. i adore this post!! happy new year!! you’ve done a great job on this project. I’ve loved everything you’ve captured and i very much appreciate you giving your perspective and feelings as you experience this journey. I too am setting goals, quarterly, so I can see progress and motivate myself to continue goal setting every 3 months. love, erin

  2. Happy new Year everyone! what an amazing first year this little guy has had. Erika, you have captured so many wonderful, beautiful moments in your photographs,that we’ll always have to look back on.Jack has brought so much joy into our lives,We are truly blessed!

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