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Happy Birthday bumbao, bummy, turkey, peanut, hun-bun, little man, knucklehead, sweetheart! Happy Birthday Jack! You are so funny and outgoing and your smile brightens my day. We love you to the moon and back.

Teeth: 7, 4on top, 3 on bottom

Favorite toys: belts, laptop cords, i phone, broom and dustpan, tinker toys, ottomans, chairs, the bigger the object, the better!

favorite games: peek a boo, hide and seek, raspberries on tummy, superman flying, where’s jack?, building blocks, dipping things, climbing into boxes

favorite foods: cheerios, bananas, eggs, potatoes, chicken and vegetable mash, pancakes, he’ll eat anything really!

favorite music: he likes everything from mary j blige and sheryl crow to run dmc to slayer and ghost.

words: mama, dada, nighnigh, hi , lots of babble

loves: bathtime, lights (throwing his arms toward any lamp or light fixture), looking out the window, dancing, sneaking into other rooms (loves the bathroom! wants to put everything in the toilet!)

Birthday party this sunday. Lots of pics to come. Also, the blog will be getting a little facelift soon. Exciting! Its a new year! And my four goals update coming this week too. Will I/have I completed them? stay tuned….

3 thoughts on “ONE

  1. Happy Birthday Jack and congrats mom and dad. Little man looks like he’s walking all around. The pictures are beautiful; J is so happy to have such creative parents!!! xoxo

  2. You are handsome, free-spirited and a true gentleman! You are truly loved by all! I miss U so much. Have the happiest of birthdays and your 2nd year! I love U, Nana.

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