Little pumpkin: Jack’s baby shower 2012

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Awww… so fun to look back. So crazy my little man was in my tummy a year ago. Our theme was “little pumpkin” and I unfortunately did not take many photos nor with a good camera. We had turkey sandwiches, squash soup, cranberry cocktails, pumpkin cupcakes, and lots more fall themed yummys grandma b made. I made all of the decorations and a walk in photo booth with hats and props where everyone could take some goofy pics. I remember it was a beautiful day, the packers were playing, and if any men came-they stayed outside with the beer coolers. Everyone left with a little mini pumpkin of their own as a favor. It was a great day, and the last party I would have before my sweet little pumpkin was born. xoxo.

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