10 months

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Jack is 10 months already! Here are some of my favorite pics lately. He’s really cruising around the furniture, taking a few steps on his own here and there. Everyday I hear new sounds and syllables. He’s really developing his personality too. He is a very curious boy, his head always turning this way and that, crawling into corners i didn’t even know existed (=forever baby proofing)! He is so funny and outgoing. This is no shy child! He is always cracking us up (Well, he does have goofy parents. tee hee.) He loves music (especially Eli’s cell phone alarm song, paul simon, and punk rock-go figure). He waves his arms and bounces his butt. Too cute! He is eating little bits of food now with his cute pincer grasp (thumb and forefinger) which he is still trying to perfect (so many missed- the- mouth cheerios on the floor daily:). I love the way he smashes his sippy cup against his nose when he drinks; when his jaw drops when he sees something exciting, when he tilts his head to look at me. I could go on and on and perhaps if i had more time i would. You are so loved Jack! Know that always. xoxo

3 thoughts on “10 months

  1. These pics and narrative are so wonderful. Lucky to have such a talented sister who is an Amazing mom!! I look forward to every blog.

  2. Love these pics! He is such a curious little guy.Love the pics of jack in your room with the sunlight shining in. looks like a magazine ad.Just beautiful!

  3. What a precious child. Love the one of Jack in the highchair and inspecting the latch on box. Btw, love your comforter. Cute pics!

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