Jack at 9 months: He’s just like us!

sept22 036

Jack is 9 months now and becoming more and more like us! Look, he shops at big box stores too!

sept22 033

Wow, the wind blows through his hair too!

aug31 035

Jack likes to play music and sing too! And he gets bed head just like the rest of us!

sept26 097

Jack likes to bounce too! C’mon, admit it..you love to bounce, it just might have been awhile. Go ahead, bounce…bounce away!!!

sept26 034

Jack loooooves the iphone too! Like everyone else in the world!!!

sept26 013

Jack likes to eat and drink too! What, Cereal and water not good enough for you? Pretend its mashed potatoes and vodka then. sheesh!

sept26 006

Jack loves to cheers! Well, cheers to you Jack! You are 9 months old today!

sept26 029

Jack loves his iced coffee in the morning, just like mommy and daddy.

sept22 013

Jack is adorable too, just like you and I! Well, who are we kidding.

sept22 027

Jack gets sad in cars too like you and i do sometimes. Kinda like that REM video “Everybody Hurts”. Oh Jack, quit being a little baby. You’re 9 months old!! We love you JACK!!!! Happy 9 months!!!!


6 thoughts on “Jack at 9 months: He’s just like us!

  1. Oh My heart…. Proud of you Erika and your little man. So much exploration in such a short time. So lucky to have each other. Happy 9 mo jack! Happy 9 mo of motherhood Erika!!

  2. Happy 9th month to all of your little family, Jack! You have changed their lives forever. I’m sure your mom and dad can’t imagine what they did without you.

  3. Little peanut in the shopping cart is adorable!Love these pics!Mush…Mush..Mush…!!!!Happy 9 months Jack!Grandma loves you so so much!!!!!

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