The end of summer…part two.

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Hello! Continuing on…We left Hertel Sunday morning and went to visit my brother near Chippewa Falls.  We stopped at a lake to cool off. That’s where the first three pictures were taken. The visit was great, we played a long game of cribbage and Jack was very entertaining to say the least. We then headed south, not exactly sure where we would spend our last night of vacation ( I prefer to plan, Eli likes to “see what happens”). We decided on Wisconsin Dells. Wow! What a place! I hadn’t been there since my childhood. It is now becoming a children’s Las Vegas! I was surprised how giddy I got. The inner child in me had to be restrained by my adult self- the largest waterpark in america is here; an upside down white house with a dinosaur breaking through called Top Secret, a sort of spy type museum/playground; the largest mini golf park I’ve ever seen; and a space museum that held a replica of sputnik and the russian Mir space station module. I can’t wait until Jack can see this! Anyway, we stayed at a cute little motel, ordered the worst chinese of our lives and had a nice time driving through the town and playing on the motels’ playground (pictured). The next day we went to a 50’s diner for breakfast.  As you can see Jack did not want his picture taken with Elvis (Grandma B will not like this). We then headed toward Madison, stopping at Dr. Evermore’s forevertron- a scrap metal art park. Absolutely phenomenal. Had a nice picnic in Madison on Lake Monona and headed home. Ahhh summer…. how I love thee….until we meet again…XOXO, Erika

3 thoughts on “The end of summer…part two.

  1. Aww thanks for detailing the journey thru pics and story. Love every destination choice. Great pics of little turkey. Someday jack and I will “take the plunge” if they haven’t torn it down by now due to high injuries. Ha. Wish I still had that Old T dad bought me.

  2. What a busy little travelelor jack is.Hes just so busy learning and discovering new things.I think Jack was just sad that Grandma wasn’t in the pic with him and Elvis.(us capricorns gotta stick together!)

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