The end of summer…part one.

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Hello everyone! August is just about over, or it may be by the time you read this. We went on one last road trip, stopping first at a park near our gas station stop that had all vintage playground equipment. Jack had to ride on the little car. Our destination was to visit our friend Becky in Hertel, WI. Or as most people say, “up north”. It was a nice relaxing time (as much as it could be, still had full blown motherly duties). Becky was a great host. She cooked us a Wisconsin style fish fry (with the fish she caught the night before) upon arrival. We took a pontoon ride, rocked in the hammock, met three generations of her family (all wonderful), and Eli even got an archery lesson. The weather was the best of the summer and the cool breeze never let up (although it got a little wicked at times). So beautiful up there. Different speed. Lovely. I love road trips. More about it tomorrow. XOXO, Erika

5 thoughts on “The end of summer…part one.

  1. It is great to see your smiling face, Jack! I can’t believe you are crawling and standing. That last picture is beautiful! I want to see you so much, can’t wait until Thanksgiving.

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