the small stuff

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Being a stay at home mom definitely has its challenges. Sometimes I go all week without talking to anyone (aside from Eli and Jack) but the check out grocery gal, the painter who has been annoyingly painting the outside of my house all summer, or the stuffed monkey that is permanently affixed to the corner of the pack and play. Now that Jack is starting to eat solids, breastfeeding has become wonky (too fast, is it choking him, should i pump, how much, how long, etc.). He also likes to play with the food and spoon thus requiring a bath most nights. He is now crawling, climbing, standing, flying, teleporting EVERYWHERE.  This requires a lifeguard at ALL times. During his naps I scramble to get housework done. A running list prioritized in my head at all times…OK, laundry, then dishes, then water the plants, then shower, then…my head explodes. Then I pick myself up and where was I? I get overwhelmed easy and sometimes need to remind myself to slow down. DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF. It’s when I get out of the house with Jack, usually on a walk in the park when I can breathe, ahh…yes. We went to the park yesterday and had the most lovely time. He picked up this small stick and was in awe with it. It was really amazing to just watch. We played superman and I did my best to capture it in the last photo. He is loving life. And while he is not slowing down, I am. And he is the reason so. XOXO


3 thoughts on “the small stuff

  1. Erika I so admire the absolute love and adoration for your beautiful boy. Your creativity in capturing the essence and reality of motherhood and a childs innocence and beauty hits the heart in the most beautiful way. I love your transparency and desire to share this magical yet challenging-ly beautiful adventure. Xoxo.

  2. Well said Erika. A little at a time; organization, keep on top of it best you can. You are doing a great job! Learning to talk to your child, a stuffed animal, and a stranger, can make us buggy sometimes. I live it too LOL Hey, you are a kick-butt mama and I’m glad you are enjoying it. Boys are awesome!

  3. Try to think of how you spent your time before your little boy slammed into your like. Your whole life changes, but you are so lucky. And Jack is lucky to have a wonderful Mom like you!

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