Wisconsin State Fair

aug5 036

We went to the state fair on Monday. We met a few friends. Don’t f#*@$ with stroller people.

aug5 011

Dad bee-lined to a hot dog stand.

aug5 021

I was really excited when I saw this barn with flavored milk. Dad got strawberry, mom got banana. Mine tasted like it always did, I think they tricked me.

aug5 033

I zone out sometimes, even at a place like the state fair.

aug5 014

The giant slide. I guess i’m not old enough yet but it looks real fun.

aug5 058

The gang: Joe, Vince, Eli, Hana and Tam. And dad’s elbow. (Nice mom, you couldn’t crop that out?)

aug5 044

A barn full of cattle. It was stinky. It was a good place to fart and get away with it. Here’s a nice photo of me and a cow’s ass.

aug5 059

Whoa! A huge corn dog!

aug5 061

Really dad, I can have a bite?

aug5 054

Chocolate covered bacon. Mom HAD to have it.

aug5 064

The pretty ladies of the fair paraded on by…no candy:(

aug5 072

I can be a little CORNy sometimes. Haha. Get it? What a fun day we had!


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