Bookworm gardens

jul8 306

A few weeks ago we went to Bookworm gardens. A beautiful sculpture garden based on favorite childrens books. It was a really hot day, so we didnt stay too long but long enough to walk through and snap a few photos. This was the “Playhouse for Monster”.

jul8 309

Peek a boo!

jul8 301

Ooh…what’s in there?

jul8 300

Wow…dinosaurs are so cool.

jul8 325

Ring a ding ding…

jul8 355

There’s a burger hanging from the tree!

jul8 331

Little house on the prairie.

jul8 337

it’s true.

jul8 345

Pretty plant wall.

jul8 328

Welcome to the Japanese Teahouse. This was such a wonderful place, I can’t wait to come back! Ba bye!

3 thoughts on “Bookworm gardens

  1. That little fairytale park reminds me of Mother Goose Gardens here in Montana, that was around when I was a little kid. I love the plant wall. Keep traveling, Jack! It will be winter soon.

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