7 months…holler!

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For my 7 month birthday, Grandma B and Mom tricked me into going to Ikea. But on the way back we stopped by a fun place called Apple Holler. They had a general store, a restaurant, ice cream shoppe, some goats, chickens, and lots of photo opportunities! We had ice cream (salted caramel and mint chip) in the gazebo, said hello to the goats, snapped a few pics and visited my beanstalk! But hey, guess what? I am 7 months! I am everywhere! I am scooting all over the house, climbing, reaching, grasping, anything…everything. And I want to put it ALL in my mouth. arrrgh….nom…nom…chomp…chomp…I started eating solid food a month ago, and boy oh boy is that fun! Anyway, have a happy weekend you goofballs. I’ll really try to get mom to quit slacking on the blog posts. OK, see you Monday, hopefully. XOXO,  Jack (and my beanstalk, tee hee…)

4 thoughts on “7 months…holler!

  1. This may just be the most adorable blog post I’ve ever seen. What great opportunities for Jack, he has seen a lot of the WI landscape. Happy 7 little buddy. Love you

  2. Wow, you’re own beanstalk, Jack. You are looking so big! And handsome! And happy! Just an overall great first summer!

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