Tomahawk, WI

jun28 045

Vacation kicked off with auntie kelly and Erin flying into town. So good to see them! Hi Kelly!

jun28 023

Hi Erin!

jun28 074

This is our first day at the cabin. The Ehley clan has arrived. We all came up here because this is the lake Grandpa Vic loved so much. We came to say goodbye to him.

jun28 053a

There’s Dad mingling with the others.

jun28 080

Aunt Vicky wrote a song about Grandpa Vic and the family. Here the aunties singing.

jun28 081

Cousin Alex on the guitar, Aunt Val and Vicki singing.

jun28 083

Kelly performing a few songs. Some of us cried a little.

jun28 084

This was a really special time. We said goodbye to grandpa Vic shortly after this.

jun28 087

Aliyah was my buddy. I like her.

jun28 095

Morning view and coffee.

jun28 113

I got a dragonfly on my head. They were everywhere.

jun28 132

Uncle Vince and Dave going fishing.

Farwell to Tomahawk,Wi 051

Mom and Dad went kayaking. Photo by grandma ehley.

jun28 136

Aliyah and Mel fishing off the dock.

jun28 150

Grandma and Kelly with the Hodag in Rhinelander.

jun28 153

Mom and I with the Hodag. This is Rhinelander’s “big foot”.

jun28 158

We had pastys in rhinelander. mmmm…

Farwell to Tomahawk,Wi 074

We went to a toy store and they had a jungle in there! Photo courtesy of Grandma Ehley.

july5 181

The last night the power went out for a few hours. We celebrated my birthday with root beer floats! We had a great week in Tomahawk. See you next year!

jun28 203

But wait….vacation isn’t over yet….next stop- Menomonie, WI…stay tuned….

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