Mutha F#@&in Nature

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“Tree down!” That was the text I got from Eli on Tuesday night while I was at my one shift at the restaurant. “You mean Turkey (Eli’s nickname for Jack) down?” I had texted Eli to ask how things were going and thought autocorrect on his phone substituted tree for turkey. “Turkey is sleeping and mutha f#@*&in tree down!” Eli replied. He often speaks in code so I went back to work, relieved Jack went to sleep. I would decipher Eli’s riddle later. After work, I try and crack Eli’s code on my drive home. As I turn onto our street, with a few solutions to Eli’s cryptograph, I nearly slam on the brakes. Sure enough, lo and behold….mutha f#@&*in tree down!  It apparently was very windy and t-i-m-b-e-r right down in front of our house. The first pic was taken on our front stoop. The city had trucks come moments after these pictures were taken and they chopped and ground and gobbled the whole thing up in minutes. Like nothing happened.

Jack and I had a lovely day in the park on Wednesday with the dandelions….until he pooped every….well, you know the rest.

Happy Turdsday. Autocorrect. Thursday. Going up north this weekend to see Jack’s Uncle Jim. See you soon. Toodles.

xoxo, Erika


2 thoughts on “Mutha F#@&in Nature

  1. wow!!!!just a few hours earlier my car was near that spot.Whew!!!!!!!!That was a close one! Jack looks so adorable!He really loves the outdoors.Cute pic of mommy and Jack.

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