A walk in the…zzzz…

apr23 078a

Mom and I took a walk like I said I was going to do yesterday. We walked to Lake Michigan. You can see a little of the Milwaukee skyline in the background. I fell asleep for the ….zzzzz…photo.

apr23 077a

zzzzz….zzzzzz…so beau..tif…u….zzzzz….zzzz…

apr23 103a

HUH? COOL! A BIG ANCHOR! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…….
Mom’s note: Some big anchor in someones front yard! It was from a ship that sank near Port Washington in 1891. This guy recovered it in the 80’s. He teaches scuba too.

apr23 085a

Jack: We are now in St. Francis! This is the old….zzzzzzzzzzz…
Mom: St. Mary’s Academy, once the largest all girls high school in the city. It later became the original site for Cardinal Stritch College, now a non profit center. Lets go check out the old campus!

apr23 087a

The sign said Archdiocese of Milwaukee. I don’t know what that means but I think we may be trespassing…..Shh…don’t tell….zzzzzz….

apr23 092a

Hmmm….a stuffed dog?

apr23 089a

Ooh, a big old building! Why did I wake up for this?

apr23 095a

Nuns live here. Hi Nuns!

apr23 102a

Goodbye St. Francis! I’m hungry. Can we go home now?


4 thoughts on “A walk in the…zzzz…

  1. What a sleepy head!Such a fun walk! Very educational.Next time I want to come along.I Just love your humorous comments.

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