April (snow) Showers

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It snowed a little over the weekend. We are going on six months of winter. Last year Mom said we had 80 degree days already! There were buds on the trees in late February! Today is Earth day and I am thinking about global climate change. As you can see on my face in the photos above, it is a real concern of mine. The sun is shining today however, I think I’ll go see if Mom wants to take a walk to the lake. You should put your car away and take a walk too. Happy Earth day! XOXO.  Love, Jack

2 thoughts on “April (snow) Showers

  1. He’s just so darn cute!!!!Love these pics!Yes , a good day for a walk in that beautiful sunshine.Now if we could only do something about that wind!

  2. I love watching him grow and your added narrative is especially cute as we all wonder about what he sees and feels. He’s beautiful

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