Goodbye Grandpa

feb12,2013 020
Goodbye Grandpa. I’m glad we got to meet, even if it was just for a little while. Mom said she will tell me lots of stories about you. From your adventures as a youth in McGovern park to your nomadic life as a family man and foundry worker. I was told you wore many hats. Entrepreneur. Master of your craft. Music man. Sports enthusiast. Outdoors man. Fisherman. Entertainer. Loyal friend. Devoted father. You dreamed big. You thought about the big questions( you would say it cleaned the cobwebs out). Mom said you were a space enthusiast, you watched Nova, and in fact the only book she ever saw you read was 2001 A Space Odyssey. I would like to think that you are now on your own space odyssey, hurling through the milky way uncovering all the secrets to the universe to the tune of Johann Strauss’s symphonic masterpiece. You will live on through all of us. Aunt Kelly is going to teach me how to play guitar. Aunt Erin is going to teach me how to play football. Uncle Jim is going to teach me how to fish. I will know you. I will miss you. I love you.  R.I.P. Grandpa Vic.

8 thoughts on “Goodbye Grandpa

  1. A wonderful family I’m proud to call friends. Peace and love to each and every one of you, here on earth and those in heaven. All my love, Cindy

  2. Kevin showed me your blog this morning. This is a beautiful tribute to your Dad. I hope that the happy memories with your Dad will bring you peace during this hard time in your life. Jack is such a handsome boy. Kathy Bentz

  3. Truly beautiful, u need to make this
    Into more than a digital memory bank……
    (Google “artifact uprising”) you could edit
    This into a book that will be treasured his
    life long.

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