12 Weeks!

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Jack is 12 weeks today! We made it! He has grown so much over the past week both physically and cognitively. He is reaching chubby perfection with his yummy pork chop cellulite-laden thighs, sausage fingers, and pinch me I’m so cute chunky bubble cheeks.  He is fascinated with his fingers, he can grab on to any object (toy rings, blankets) in front of him, and with some success able to reach the object to his mouth. As I write this he sits on my lap and has managed to fit half of his fist in his mouth (and yes, that means I am typing with one hand!). He likes to practice standing while I hold his armpits, his legs are so strong! He is making new sounds and jumbled words. He wakes up smiling every morning. He is soooooo cute! I went back to work one day a week and last night I was really nervous because the week before didn’t go so great for daddy and Jack. The bottle is new for him and I hadn’t been away from him that long yet. But last night it went great and I am so proud of my boys! I missed him soooo much though! Another nerve-racking day was Monday when we went to see an ophthalmologist about the skin growth on the corner of his right eye.  I was afraid he might have to have surgery but the doc says he sees several cases of this a year, and that its best to just leave it alone. It shouldn’t affect his vision and surgery would leave a scar anyway and has caused double vision in some patients.  He will always have it there but that’s OK, it makes him more interesting and unique and lovable. Anyway, we are so proud of you Jack! You are doing so great and are soooo loved! XOXO

7 thoughts on “12 Weeks!

  1. How cute is he!!!!We are so blessed to have this little guy in our life! love ,love love,you,Sweet baby Jack!

  2. I love this little chubby guy and can’t wait to meet him. Awesome parents and thanks so much Erika for keeping us all included with these great pics and blog!!!

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