The Lumpy Couch

mar8 006

We have a lumpy couch. We have guests coming today and Dad insists that Aunt Camille has to stay on the lumpy couch. I put some blankets on it to make it less lumpy. I’m going to test it out for her.

mar8 024

Umm…well…not too bad…

mar8 031…I think I just fell off a lump

mar8 037

OK! Now we’re talking…this is pretty comfy…

mar8 049

OMG! My feet are huge!

mar8 052

This is funny…I’m in between two lumps!

mar8 056

Oh god, the lumps! The lumps!

mar8 058

No more…make it stop!


Well, overall I’d say we have a lumpy couch and there ain’t nothing I can do about it. Sorry Aunt Camille, I tried.


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