10 weeks

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Jack is 10 weeks today! He is talking more and more, telling lots of stories of his adventures in babyland. He started rolling over onto his back during tummy time and has been fixated (and cross-eyed) with his hands. His grandma Ehley babysat last night allowing his parents to have their first (but short) date night. It went pretty well,  Jack is still getting used to the bottle while mom’s away. Jack is looking forward to meeting his grandma Hubbert and aunt Camille this weekend. I’ll be sure to take pics of their visit. Toodles!

4 thoughts on “10 weeks

  1. Just look at those big beautiful blue eyes!Jack was such a good boy for Grandma last night while mommy and daddy had a little date night.He loves to look at picture books and talk to the animals.I just love to hear that cute little voice of his.Too Adorable!!!!

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