snowy day

feb21,2013 037 feb21,2013 044 feb21,2013 014 feb21,2013 002 feb21,2013 052 feb21,2013 062 feb21,2013 063Image

We got lots of snow last night! I thought I would read one of my favorite books, The Snowy Day to Jack! I cant wait to play in the snow and make snowmen and snow forts with him. Anyway, I wanted to mention if there are any photos you really love, I can send you a print of it if you’d like.  I plan to order a bunch next week. Have a nice weekend everyone!

4 thoughts on “snowy day

  1. Look at those eyelashes. Every time I see a new picture there is something else to notice. Reading already? A little intellectual like his Mom and Dad. I want all the pictures!! I love looking at them over and over. When Camille and I come over we are going to take some, and could probably have some on his blog printed.

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