20 months

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By the time you read this, Jack is now 20 and 1/2 months. This series of photos shows the many sides and personalities of Jack and some of the things we’ve been up to! Lets explore each photograph, shall we?

1. Jack is obsessed with drinking out of mama and dada’s glasses and cups. For the most part, he’s really good at it but if you turn your head away for a second there is a lovely little puddle on the floor next to him, and Jack then holding out the glass saying “more, more, more!”

2. Jack had his first visit to the zoo this month. He loved it! He really loved all the manholes, gates, rocks, and benches! The animals, even the giraffes and elephants did not seem to blow him away. What can you do!

3. Jack is crabby for 10 minutes after he wakes up from a nap sometimes. And he is still cute. That’s all.

4. I put his toy chest behind this loveseat for a couple weeks. We really had a lot of fun climbing over it and pretend falling onto the floor. We did this for hours. Try it!

5. One of my faves this month. When I want jack to look up, I say “look Jack, there’s a bird on my head!” It works every time.

6. Jack now can crawl back up these windy slides and flys down them. He’s mastering the playground and making some friends there too!

7. Grandma B gave Jack this hat. He will not wear it longer than a few seconds but soooo cute!

8. “That!” “This!” “Go that way!” “No, this way!” Yep, he’s pretty bossy. Pointing and telling me which way to go. Even from his car seat, trying to give directions! Amazing!

9. Jack loves his daddy but he might love watching his daddy mow the lawn even more. (Heart melting)

10. One day Jack took Cookie Monster everywhere with him. He liked sitting on this chair and hugging him. Just this one day. Funny kid.

11. Jacks favorite way to watch a cartoon? On my iPhone. Yo gabba gabba and Dora the explorer are new faves.

12. If I haven’t mentioned it before, Jack loves money! In a hotel room on our road trip he hides money around the room, like a squirrel hiding nuts!

13. At the wedding. Running free, loving life.

14. Jack has not been in a pool yet. It didn’t happen this day either. He splashed in some puddles though!

15. I just like this photo because it reminds me of the times of calm and contentment during our road trip.

16. At a campground in Wyoming at sunrise. Jack still so curious and exploring every corner, nook and cranny.

It was a great summer. Short. But overall pretty great. It’s so nice to be able to do more with jack. I hope to post more pics from the summer soon. I am having major problems with my laptop and am going to take it in to get looked at. Hang in there. We’ll be back! Xoxo.



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Hello everyone! We recently got back from our big road trip to Montana for Jack’s Aunt Camille’s wedding. We had so much fun and saw so many roadside attractions and little old western towns on the way. The Sturgis motorcycle rally was happening the same time we were driving through so we shared the road with many motorcycles. We went out of our way just a tad to see Devils tower in Wyoming (of Close Encounters of the Third Kind fame, remember the mashed potatoes?), Deadwood, SD (it was pouring, didn’t get any good photos, boo-hoo), and Virginia City, MT (a well-preserved old western town, touristy but still very cool). We found an incredible and free storybook children’s park in Rapid City, SD. We camped at a KOA in Sheridan, WY and stayed at a motel in Mitchell, SD. We wanted to drive through the Badlands but Jack got a heat rash as we left Montana and we needed to head home. Helena and the wedding were wonderful and Jack enjoyed getting to know his cousins.  I took over 2000 photos during our 10 day trip and so I decided to make a book of Jack’s first road trip. There’s just too many to post here! So what you see here is just a sampling of some of the highlights of the trip. I will be posting a 20 month Jack update this week too so come back to the blog later this week. Thanks! Enjoy your labor day weekend everyone!

19 months

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Hello everyone! Sorry we’ve been gone so long! We’ve been having a busy summer here. Long walks, beaches, playgrounds, parks, bike rides and one trip up north. We are getting ready for our big road trip to Montana on Wednesday. “Here we go go go go on an adventure!”(A cat and the hat reference. You know when you get a song stuck in your head all day long. yeah, well that only happens to me now with cartoon jingles.) We are going to try and camp on the way there too. Yep, Jacks going to “rough it” for the first time. Should be fun. Anyway, Jack is growing growing growing, building his vocabulary daily (including “oh shit”!), loving buckles and money (coins) and lawnmowers. Yah, he’s normal. He’s not the best or cleanest eater and he throws tantrums here and there but when he’s that darn cute I forget all too quick. Here’s to 19 months (belated) Jack!

18 months

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Wow. 1.5 years old. It was a cool and overcast day, but that wasn’t going to stop us from celebrating. We headed down to Grant park beach to run around and play. Jack is saying new words everyday. He starting to form words together. He is running and marching and stomping and dancing. All the time. He is a little stinker sometimes too. A little sneaky. I can’t keep up with him. He is so quick and smart and cute and oh so loveable. Well, most of the time. Dada and Jack are making lots of noise downstairs. I better go keep an eye on those two. Happy half birthday Jack. xoxo.


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The light came in beautifully yesterday morning in our hotel in Thorp, WI. As I was changing Jack he kept running away from me and began acting silly right in this spot in the light against the white wall. I dove for the camera, of course. I can see how Eli and I are rubbing off on Jack. He is as silly as we are and he loves to laugh. As funny as he is, he is also quite mischievous and therefore we must always keep a close eye on our little sneakster. Happy 16 months you silly little monkey.